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The MusucBag is the all-in-one suit. Made for sleeping in as well as walking around in. A sleeping bag and one piece suit rolled into one.

The Selkbag is the MusucBags older brother and is still available click here. If out site allows you to order it means the MusucBag is in stock, if not to reserve stock of the Musucbag if your size is currently unavailable click here.

Like the Selk Bag the Musuc Bag features ventilation zips on the legs to cool you down, MP3 pockets to fall asleep to your music (Musuc Bag Kids model only) and durable canvas on the feet to walk to on. The MusucBag unlike the Selk Bag has contrasting coloured stitching and some different materials.

Outfitted with MP3 pockets where you can fit in your MP3 player or iPod, this is a walking, talking – or should we say singing – sleeping bag, that comes with arms, legs, pockets and ventilation flaps – all for the convenience of the sleeper or wearer.

The second you climb into the MusucBag you get an instant feeling of comfort. You can just lie down anywhere and feel right at home. The design really does provide a sense of freedom and mobility all while being isolated in your own personal zone.

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