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Zippo Hand Warmer

Cold hands, warm heart? What claptrap. If your hands are cold, everything else is brass monkeys too. That’s why a decent hand warmer is just the ticket. But keeping warm and looking cool isn’t easy. So thank goodness the ultra stylish Zippo Hand Warmer is such hot stuff!

Brought to you by the bods behind the world’s most iconic lighter, this gleaming hand warmer looks like the kind of thing James Dean might have used to warm his mitts. But the Zippo is more than just a pretty face because it radiates serious heat without a flame, as it cleverly utilises a technique called catalytic combustion. It’s like having a full-on fire in your pocket without all the coal, twigs and messy burny bits.

Thanks to a platinum catalysed glass fibre burner (no, not a clue), the gorgeously crafted Zippo can produce up to ten times more heat than rival hand warmers and lasts up to 12 hours with a single 12ml filling of lighter fuel. Amazing!

Operating the Zippo is easier than losing your gloves. Simply remove the lid, light the burner, wait for the clever indicator bar to turn red (there’s no flame, remember), pop it back in its protective warming bag (this baby gets really hot) and Jack Frost’s your second uncle twice removed. Mmm… instant warmth.

Weighing in at a mere 272 grams, the Zippo is ideal for campers, skiers, fishermen, mountaineers, football fans, festival goers and anyone else prone to chilly mitts. Blowing into cupped hands? Bah! Fondling a Zippo is where it’s at.

Surely the coolest way to stay warm in these chilly climes, the Zippo is destined to become the hand warmer of choice amongst sub-zero trend setters across the land. So hit the Buy button (assuming you can get your mittens off) and get your mitts on one pronto.

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